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Market & Trends analysis

Do you know what are the major macro-economic and social trends

that could impact your business?

Do you know your consumer well?

Do you know your competitors?

We can provide you with the data insights supporting your Business and Brand 

decisions as well as recommendation

on how to build your strategy and growth

based on them.

Market & Trends Analysis


What is the Market Sizeable Opportunity and the Market share you

can achieve? How can you reach your goals? We can help you to

define where you want to go and how. We can enable you to widen

your peripheral view, to discover new opportunities for growth and

build a strategy and plan to reach them.

Business Strategy


You can tell a lot about a company by its vision and mission

statement. You don’t have them? Now it might be a good time to

create or revise them. A good Mission statement tells you what

drives a company to do what it does, while a great Vision statement

compel the emotion of every stakeholder with your "Why".

Vision & Mission


Is your consumer clear on what your Brand stands for?

Are your employees and partners?

A great Brand starts by a great Strategy.

We help to define what your brand stands for and how to build your differentiation from competitors, while staying true to your positioning and values. Helping you to define your Purpose, Vision and Mission, your positioning and image, your key USPs, your competitive arena to route

your Brand in unicity and build value

upon it.

Brand Strategy


We help you to define your target audience and key opinion leaders, create

the storytelling and Big campaign idea

for your Brand and Product launch,

to define the right Marketing mix, while

considering all the touchpoint from the most Classical to the most sophisticated Digital ones and support you in the entire execution and ROAS calculation.

The impact on your Brand and Business

is key for us!

360 Marketing Strategy


We know your Brand is crazy great and you can't believe consumers can't see it. Well... we can help you on that! We know a

great Brand is wasted if you don't make it visible. Our Marketing Strategy and planning is going to the core of your purpose and showcase it to your customers and stakeholders with a 360

degrees approach. A great Brand and Marketing Strategy is more than a good mix of ideas: its excellent execution

is even more important.

Communication Strategy


A consumer doesn't live the Brand experience in silos. If there is a"bug" in the interaction with one of your channels, that may negatively impact on your business as a whole. We help you to create a fully integrated inspiring and satisfying experience, being it in your e-Commerce, Retail, Social, no matter what your business model is. Every Brand is unique hence no "solutions fits all" when it comes to Omni-channel experience, but we can create the shopping experience you aim and your customer deserves.



Is your Retail concept obsolete? Doesn't it correspond to your Brand anymore? Or, worst, are you loosing shoppers due to lack of innovation? If you need a refresh of your Shopping Experience, or a full re-think of it, you can count on our yearly experience. We will  understand your brand, we will give you advices on the gaps to fill and we will re-build the entire Shopping experience and Boutique architecture with you.

Retail & Shopping Experience


All the above is not valuable if not repeatable without our presence,

so we help you to define your Marketing, Brand and Retail team's organisation, identifying the right skills you need for your Business, recruiting the people, mentoring them and coaching them, to build

your internal capabilities in a sustainable way. We are available for Mentorship or Workshops' organisation, to help you give an innovative spin to your Team's mindset and strategy.

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