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Devialet: A new Shopping Experience

Victor D'Allancé ', Chief Market UK and Ireland, said: "Our philosophy is to ensure an experience of immersive listening in every place". Besides the Brand Devialet, relatively new in the world of High Tech high-end entertainment systems, has created strong expectations, thanks to the partners and supporters of respect boasting (nothing less than Bernard Arnauld, Beyonce 'and JZ , Renault, Foxconn just to name a few). And the shopping experience is not far behind.

Retail Watch visited the store in London’s Department Stores Westfield. The atmosphere is full of energy. D’Allancé , who left an important job in the financial world to take up the challenge to launch the brand in the UK, it is the first large excited about this Brand, who, after having started quietly with high-tech products, now boasts a large number of branches all over the world.

Currently the company is staking everything on the new product, the Phantom, they themselves described as the "best wireless speakers in the world". Of course, the sound quality is impressive, even for non-professionals, but what makes this story even more unique is the design, pure, simple and made with shapes able to optimize the acoustics, creating a unique listening experience.

Two side flaps move to the rhythm of the bass and gives the impression of being faced with a "heart" music button.

Features that are all the more evident in the store, pure, linear and technological as Devialet products.


Founded in 2007, the brand was born with the ambition to revolutionize the music industry.

The technology is not conceived with an aim in itself but with the clear objective of bringing to the public new emotions when they listen to music.

The beginning of the history of Devialet takes place with the introduction on the market of high "Expert Pro” range of amplification (5k to 22k GBP) soon called the best in the world. But the real step ahead takes place with the entry of major investors, who have ensured financial support for innovation, allowing to introduce the miniaturization of technology and the new Phantom. The company's vision is to introduce this technology in every single amp on the planet and the 100 million collected funds two weeks ago through a venture capital fund will enable it to expand into different areas of use. Next step will be 'the launch of a new generation of products with even more democratic positioning, but always of high range.

Distribution and growth objectives

The turnover in 2015 was 30 million (an increase of two from the previous year), and the goal is to double the turnover every year, reaching a 1 billion euro by the end of 2020.

The brand is already present in 80 countries, with forms of direct distribution, via Boutique-flagships (latest openings in New York-Soho, and Hong Kong-IFC), or indirectly, with trade partners, but their intention is to expand further, even if in a selective manner.

The first turnover market is France, followed by UK, then Asia and the USA. Soon the brand will enter into other markets including Germany and Italy (La Rinascente Milan).

The positioning

The brand is clearly positioned luxury ( "a cool lifestyle luxury brand," according to Dallance '), but the launch of Phantom shows a clear intention by the company to democratize the technology behind their products, in order to make understanding the consumer the difference in performance compared to its competitors, with the ambition, according to Dallance ', to become the new Intel for listening systems.

According to Dallance' the brand is positioned at the crossroads between Apple (for its innovative design), Intel (for the ability to be recognized as an integrated system anywhere) and Dolby (for the sound experience).

The brand differentiators

Devialet presents itself as a unique brand, thanks to its ability to combine the Bose technology and innovative design of B & O.

Its "made in France" also, according to Dallance', results in improved credibility of the positioning in the luxury segment.

The Devialet heart of innovation lies in the DAC (Digital Analog Converter) a small chip that can convert sound from digital to analog, ensuring maximum power and compactness, combined with a pure and vibrant sound worthy of the best analog technology.


Customer orientation, innovation and democratization are the basis of the Brand.

The location

Certainly the location of Westfield London favors Brand, thanks to the large footfall present in the mall. Devialet is also sold at Harrods and distributed (directly or with trade partners) in over 80 countries.

The Boutique and guidelines for buying

Since the show window, is obvious the Brand’s attention to this new technology, but especially highlighting the main distinguishing feature of the product: the power and excellent sound quality.

Upon entering you encounter a mix of visual merchandising typical of a luxury brand (a few products on display, very well valued, with simple and impactful technical descriptions) but with a particular focus on the strongly technological and "connected" caracteristics of the product.

The strong point of the experience in Boutique is the interaction with the staff, welcoming right from the entrance, and capable of recreating an atmosphere of listening relax as within the walls of your own home.

The idea is not to talk too much about the product but rather to invite the customer to invite to listen, especially in the central area, called "Agora" for the shape that recalls a typical meeting zone of the Greek cities. With Wi-Fi connection from a dedicated console, you can do a listening experience, from the comfort of designer chairs, which again allow to closely observe the unique quality of the design of this product.

There is also an area dedicated to listening in the cabin, called Auditorium (or Immersive Theatre room) where the external sounds are completely isolated, although the Boutique is located in the largest Mall in Europe (Westfield), in order to reproduce the same listening experience that will then be carried out at home.

The flagship product (Phantom) is presented from the entrance, with intelligent exposure of the entire line on the left side, and in the central area, the most high-end product.

In the side exhibition area are very well put out the accessories that go with the product, these also innovative in concept and design.

The communication

winks to Millennial, for its modernity and strong visual impact, but also to the most senior, for its innovative design and careful selection of materials.

The Omni-channel

Devialet not representing an impulse purchase for the online channel, then the importance of experience Omni-Channel resides for Devialet in "web-to-store" where the web has a fundamental function of understanding of the technical characteristics of the product and then make the purchase in-store.

the packaging

Although a reminder to white, Apple's flagship color, is very present in the products, the packaging, thanks to the use of silver, it comes off much from the line and creates its own world, referring back to the luxury cosmetics codes (even in forms of certain accessories, such as for example the remote control).


Location, Concept, Communication, Leaflet shelf and clear descriptive and consumer oriented. Show Window that immediately highlights product innovation.

Points of weakness

Given the innovative capacity of the Brand we would expect an even more innovative Retail concept, which comes off completely from the experience of listening to other Brands competitors and integrate image and sound. The basics are there and, given the speed of the company, it is possible that other news to come soon.

The sustainability of Devialet

Coherence between the placement and its reality 4

Distinctiveness and relevance versus competitors 5

Relation experience- money 4

Sustainability 3

Attention to new technologies and innovation 5

Attention dedicated to millennials 5

Attention dedicated to senior 3

Creation of a community 2

Transparency 4

Scale of values ​​from 1 to 5, 1 lowest, 5 highest

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