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CEO at Vetrerie Riunite Group
World-class Strategy

Eva is one of the few professionals I met that can both develop a world-class brand and marketing strategy, while relentlessly driving its execution - moving from conceptual to operational and back, quickly and with grace. She is a caring while demanding team leader, able to get the most out of her team. She is a constructive team mate, and has excellent communication skills. I would love to have the opportunity to work with her again!

Senior Global Retail & Trade Brand Exp. Manager
at Nestlé Nespresso SA
Great mentor

I had the opportunity to work in Eva’s team for 5 years while she was International retail communication manager in Nespresso HQ.

Eva is a highly passionate marketing and sales professional, full of energy and with a strong positive attitude.

She is always striving for perfection and setting challenging goals for herself and for her team. Thanks to the work experience with Eva

and her trust in my capabilities, I

managed to grow professionally and make a step forward into my career.

Strategic Account Manager CD10
Enriching experience

Eva is a talent. She is extremely passionate and creative, fully dedicated to her job, committed to perfection and always delivering high level outcomes. She is an expert in Marketing and Retail, with high capabilities in strategy development and

innovation in both fields, together with deep knowledge of luxury and premium codes. Eva is very energetic, and able to involve with her positive mindset colleagues

and consultants. Very determinate, she never forgets her team and to motivate and help her reports to grow. Working with Eva was inspiring, motivating and definitely a

great and enriching experienc

Former Head of Communication
Italy and Spain at eBay
Talented professional

I had the opportunity to work with Eva when she was first International retail

communication manager in HQ and later Commercial Director in Italy for Nespresso.She is a very talented professional with a deep knowledge of marketing and sales.

Moreover she is a good manager: she helps her reports growing with experience andher human touch but setting always the bar high

Marketing manager Swatch Group
Passionate leader

I have met Eva while she was Brand & Mktg Director at Vertu while I was taking careof the Marketing in the regions. If you think you have met an hard worker in your professional life, you have never met Eva. Highly passionate and committed, Eva has

been able to provide a new boost to the team thanks to the energy and the competences that she brought in. The human side of her management style is what I appreciate her most for, and what in my opinion makes a big difference in successfully leading a team.

Culture and Mindset  Development consultant
at Human Harbour
Seasoned leader

Eva is well seasoned leader. She brings her talent, drive, energy and can-do attitude

to the success of her work.

She is visionary, capable to dive  deep into complex issues, bring people together and design solutions tapping in her creative, social and intellectual resources.

It was a pleasure working with her and to see her continually progress and mature her career.

Strategic Director Mars Veterinary Health
Mature business leader
with great personality

As part of the leadership team in Nespresso UK & Ireland,  she contributed tremendously to the rapid growth and overall success of the business. Eva proved to

be experienced and extremely capable marketer navigating Nespresso brand during

challenging times and in a challenging market. She was instrumental in launching the

new Vertuo machine and capsules range as well as building a team of marketingprofessionals capable of navigating the business towards successful future in the

digital world. Eva proactively addressed the ways of working within the companyensuring that her team is working effectively and efficiently with the rest of theorganisation. She is a mature business leader with a great personality, profound

knowledge in her area of expertise and innovative mindset. Therefore, I wouldrecommend her for any relevant role as I am confident she will deliver beyond anyexpectations.

Former CEO and Board Member Illy caffe
Enjoys setting challenging objectives

Eva is extremely result focussed, committed and very professional.  She enjoys setting

challenging objectives

for herself and for her Team and always tries to overachieve them. Truly Team player,

Eva is full of energy and optimism and is able to motivate and inspire others.

Managing Director  Expense Reduction Analysists
Result Driven

Eva helped me during a career transition to help develop my self-esteem, and her overall presence had a positive impact on my individual experience. She spent time with me to understand my background in detail and helped me to find ways to relate it to the professional journey I am interested in pursuing. I definitely recommended Eva if you are looking toward for guidance and advice.

CEO Mad Agency
Natural Leader

I have the privilege to have worked and continue to work with Eva for over 12 years, both during her tenure at Nespresso HQ as well as Vertu, and now with her own venture. She is one of a kind, dedicated and committed professional and visionary I met in my career. It is not only she has strong marketing and branding visions, which she always share with enthusiasm, but she has another unique quality: she listen to her teammates! Eva is result driven, will never leave any corner unattended or skip any detail, because she knows that perfection resides in details.


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